Teaching graphic design, for me, correlates to teaching the ways of thinking. Graphic design is driven by ideas as much as it is by the mediums we use to express those ideas. The role of an educator in a broad sense has changed over time. In the most recent years, it took a sharp turn. The moment I try to define the role of a graphic design educator is the moment when the thought escapes me because a new set of information comes in. I leave this role to be defined and re-defines as I move along. With the continuous, technological changes, it is not just that we need to adapt to new tools and  changes of technology but also to the new ways of thinking.

Inquiry-based pedagogy is a baseline in my classroom. Teaching at the intersection of meeting points where students come from different educational backgrounds, who are influenced by screen technology, and have various levels of challenges when it comes to attention management, I find it essential to teach/spark curiosity. For me, this is a foundation in their educational experience. When students are self-driven and motivated, they tend to overcome adaptable problems at a higher rate.

Student engagement is very important to me, as well as their sense of belonging in the class setup. I seek to establish meaningful connections with students and guide them to foster relationships among themselves. I am a process-driven educator and I learn as I go. Establishing relationships with students is very important to me because I learn from them as well. Each student is unique and has their own unique perspective. I can only learn how to guide them through their education if I allow them to guide me.